How is Trndez celebrated?

Armenian national holiday Trndez: how is Trndez celebrated?

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On the day of Trndez, streets and courtyards of Armenia are filled with bonfires. No, no big deal! So Armenians celebrate their favorite holiday. Its roots go back to the times when paganism was the religion of the Armenian people.


Trndez: what does it mean?

Terendez or Trndez translates as “a sheaf of hay in front of your house,” which means abundance in the house. After adopting Christianity in 301, the holiday changed and was celebrated in honor of the Meeting of the Lord, and was renamed Derndez to Terndez (from the Armenian word “ter” (Creator). However, the main characters of the holiday are couples who are preparing to get married and newlyweds.

When is Trndez celebrated?

Trndez is celebrated annually on February 13 in Armenia.

Bonfire and Trndez

Bonfire is the main attribute of the holiday. Couples must jump over the fire while holding hands. It is believed that the fire will hold together the love of a couple until the end of life. After everyone has jumped over the fire, people gather in a circle and dance around the fire. Then, ashes are gathered and scattered over the fertile lands so that the harvest will be abundant and blessed.

The Legend of Trndez


According to legend, people, exhausted by the cold of a merciless winter, lit a fire to help the sun warm the earth and bring the arrival of the long-awaited spring. Born out of the fire, the God of fire and the rising sun, Vahagn, killed the Dragon, who guarded the natural source of water. The dragon gave people water in exchange for their lives and sacrifices in the harsh winter. After killing the dragon, water came without sacrifice and blood, and the land turned green. Thus, the fire helped to cope with winter and cold.

Trndez in the Armenian Church

Despite the fact that Trndez eventually began to be celebrated by lovers and in honor of lovers, the holiday is closely associated with the Armenian Church. Trndez is otherwise called “Tearn and Arach,” which means Towards God. On that day, Mary carried the baby to the temple, in order to thank the Lord and to read the prayer. Here they meet the priest Simeon, who gives his blessing. Therefore, on the evening of February 13, Andastan is performed: the consecration of all four directions of the world. Then, the priests bless the candle and the newlyweds. A bonfire is kindled from the fire of a candle, symbolizing the holy light of Christ the Savior.

Therefore, many couples choose this day for their wedding ceremony, because this day is blessed, full of people’s love and strong faith in a bright future.

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